In Saxo Grammaticus's 12th century work Gesta Danorum, Miming is a satyr from which Höðr gains a sword.

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    Mums, motors and miming: The week of sport in quotes

    Gulf News 26 Oct 2020
    1 of 7 ... Image Credit. Supplied. 2 of 7. “I only ever dreamed of being where I am today ... Image Credit. AP. 3 of 7 ... Image Credit. AP. 4 of 7. “I mimed most of it, it is very strange hearing yourself sing.” - Ireland rugby captain Johnny Sexton on singing the national anthem in an empty stadium ahead of the Six Nations game against Italy in Dublin. Image Credit ... ....

    CDC’s disease mimes catch on in US over 9GAG app

    Taipei Times 24 Oct 2020
    Staff writer, with CNA. A series of illustrations commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showing various diseases as anime characters has caught on in the US after being uploaded on the meme sharing app 9GAG ... The cover for the October issue of Disease magazine ... “Why are they so attractive?” ... ....

    The Apprentice Best Bits show candidates’ epic fails during overseas tasks – from language barriers to miming

    Metro UK 15 Oct 2020
    The Apprentice Best Bits show candidates’ epic fails during overseas tasks (Picture. BBC/FremantleMedia Ltd) ... This week’s episode looked back at 15 years of globetrotting attics and showed what it takes to do business abroad ... Advertisement ... Some of the contestants had to result to miming to try and translate what they were trying to say to the locals ... ....

    Amanda Holden accused of 'miming' her Britain's Got Talent performance

    The Mirror 03 Oct 2020
    Britain's Got Talent viewers were convinced that Amanda Holden was 'miming' her performance as she belted out a track from her new album ... ....

    Amanda Holden leaves fans wondering if she mimed her BGT performance after she reveals incredible ...

    The Sun 03 Oct 2020
    BRITAIN's Got Talent viewers think Amanda Holden mimed her performance tonight after she revealed her incredible singing voice in the semi-finals ... 2 ... One said. "Just as I thought, Amanda Holden canny sing. She canny mime either". 2. Another said ... As another sniped. "Would’ve given Amanda more credit if she didn’t mime that track" ... ....

    Pokémon Let's Go: Where To Find Mr. Mime & 9 Other Uncommon Pokémon

    Game Rant 09 Sep 2020
    While Pokémon ... RELATED. Pokémon. The 10 Best Shiny Gen I Pokémon, Ranked. This fact extends to the roster of Kanto favorites itself ... Mime-- and where to nab them in Let’s Go (without use of Pokémon Go Park, which allows Pokémon to be imported into the game from Pokémon GO). 10 Mr. Mime ... Mime was darn tough to come by ... Mime isn’t so rare in Let’s Go ... RELATED....

    Portland Weird Homes Tour comes to you with a live Zoom of a Stormtrooper-guarded art studio, mime-designed dome and ‘Twilight’s’ Bella Swan’s house

    The Oregonian 04 Sep 2020
    It’s now easy to check out “Twilight’s” Bella Swan’s house, a mime-designed dome home and a Stormtrooper-guarded art studio since the 3rd annual Portland Weird Homes Tour on Saturday, Sept ... Mime’s Dome Home ... Linn Dome Home, built by a mime out of discarded WWII gun turret shrouds....

    A Mime Blowing Movie!

    RTE 28 Aug 2020
    If you are looking for inspiration, prepare to have your 'Mime Blown,' with young film maker Aoibhinn Maher as she takes us all back to the world of silent movies. Working on this short film as part of the Young Irish Film Makers After School Programme, Aoibhinn worked with a fantastic crew of young people alongside her ...   ... ....

    Trusting OpenPGP and S/Mime with your email secrets? You might want to rethink that

    The Register 19 Aug 2020
    The encryption's solid, but that's not the whole story by ......