In Saxo Grammaticus's 12th century work Gesta Danorum, Miming is a satyr from which Höðr gains a sword.

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    Wuhan: Nurse treating coronavirus patients mimes a hug to her daughter

    Gulf News 08 Feb 2020
    New Delhi. A heartbreaking video of a nurse treating coronavirus patients in China and giving an air hug to her sobbing daughter is going viral on the internet and some people are getting emotional as well ... In response, the mother replies, "Mum misses you too, let me give you a hug," before reaching out and miming a cuddle ... Kudos to the nurse."....

    Mime Restaurant - Rwanda's Only Disability Facility Set to Open

    All Africa 04 Feb 2020
    Rwanda will soon be home to a mime restaurant - a socially responsible yet sustainable restaurant that employs people living with disabilities (deaf) as waiters, supervisors and chefs in order to make use of their special abilities .......

    ‘Zero respect’: Trump points, mimes during U.S. anthem in Super Bowl video

    TheNewsHOOK 04 Feb 2020
    Zero respect’. Trump points, mimes during U.S. anthem in Super Bowl video .......

    'To be silly is quite an art': the weekend I became a mime

    The Guardian 30 Jan 2020
    The first rule of mime club? You do not talk ... Our writer takes lessons from Marcel Marceau’s former student, Nola Rae Early on in mime school, I hit a brick wall ... international mime festival ....

    Mime recalls mentorship with master Marcel Marceau

    Daily Hampshire Gazette 29 Jan 2020
    ... life, and led to him devoting his life to the art of mime....

    The marvelous art of mime

    Greenfield Recorder 22 Jan 2020
    ... a performance by the renowned French mime, Marcel Marceau....

    David Dobrik had to mime 'Hustlers' in a game of charades with Jimmy Fallon, but ...

    Business Insider 22 Jan 2020
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube ... The audience and viewers at home could see he was supposed to mime out the film "Hustlers," starring Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, and Lili Reinhart. Dobrik, who said it was his first time ever playing charades, desperately tried to mime a card dealer ... Watch the full video below ... Youtube Embed....

    Movie spoof, mime main attractions at Ragam

    The Hindu 11 Jan 2020
    Movie spoof’ and mime were the prime attractions of the second day of Ragam, the annual cultural festival being held at the National Institute of Tec .......

    Trygve Wakenshaw review – behold the one-man band of mime

    The Guardian 10 Jan 2020
    Soho theatre, London The New Zealander’s minimalist Only Bones v1.4 combines the spellbinding and ridiculous but ultimately seems unsure what it wants to be No props. No set. No text. No narrative ... It begins with our gangly host miming and lip-syncing along to an audio mash-up ... .......

    ‘Adventures in Mime & Space’: Rob Mermin invites us into the world of Marcel Marceau

    Rutland Herald 04 Jan 2020
    But I didn’t like mime ... The Montpelier mime and theater artist and founder of Circus Smirkus will share his experience with the master in “Adventures in Mime & Space ... “My intention for this Marceau tribute is I really want people to get an idea of the art of mime that they had no idea of,” Mermin said in a November interview....

    Pokemon Finally Unleashed Mr. Mime in Latest Episode | Game Rant

    Game Rant 31 Dec 2019
    Mime not only knows how to fight but can do so at a level that allows him to contend with Battle Frontier-level trainers ... Mime has spent basically all of his anime appearances happily doing household chores for Dalia as repayment for her giving him lunch once (something she did out of a bizarre belief that he was her son, Ash, at the time) ... Mime....

    Stop miming if you want to be on Stonebwoy’s level – David Oscar jabs Shatta Wale

    TheNewsHOOK 29 Dec 2019
    Stop miming if you want to be on Stonebwoy’s level – David Oscar jabs Shatta Wale .......

    Strictly Come Dancing viewers accuse Taylor Swift of miming during her performance in the final

    The Daily Mail 15 Dec 2019
    Strictly Come Dancing viewers have accused Taylor Swift of 'miming' during her performance on Saturday night's final ... 'Nice bit of miming from Taylor Swift on Strictly there,' while another said. 'I'm 100% sure she was miming ... Strictly Come Dancing viewers have accused Taylor Swift, 30, of 'miming' during her performance on Saturday night's final....